We’d be delighted and honored to welcome you as a new member. While we work to serve our community, we also cherish the friendships, support and mentorship that we each receive by being a member.
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 11a.m., September through June. The agenda typically focuses on club news and one or more of our philanthropic goals, in addition to enjoying a bit of relaxed socializing and sharing of refreshments.
On the fourth Wednesday of each month, we schedule a formal luncheon with a keynote speaker. Speakers in the past few years have included Lorri Sullenberger, Jan Wahl, Sally Socolich, Joanne Weir, Foodies the Musical, the Swingin'  Blue Stars and many more. Lunches are usually $20-$25 for members, and your guests are always welcome to join us.
We also offer multiple book clubs, a mahjongg group, movie excursions and trips to Bay Area destinations, such as the Dunsmuir House, Filoli, the Rosie the Riveter Museum, the Winchester Mystery House, Sausalito and more.




Membership is open to all women living in the Greater Bay Area, and as a member of the Alamo Women’s Club you will also automatically become a member of the national General Federation of Women’s Clubs.


Members are asked to help host one meeting a year as a kitchen crew member, as well as to serve on one committee during the year. These committees include Scholarship, Budget, Nominating, Fundraising, Excursions, Clubs, Facility and Membership.


After an initial application fee, an annual membership fee is required. The proceeds help to sustain our operation and fund our community projects.




Please leave a message with our Membership Chair at 925.575.7706 or email us at




We love guests! You are welcome to visit one of our luncheon meetings, get to know the members and discover for yourself how we accomplish so many of our goals and have so much fun doing it. Email our membership committee or check this website for the location and time of the next meeting.


Come, share your talent, skills and gifts with the Alamo Women’s Club and your community!




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