About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are your local business owners, teachers and volunteers and, of course, your neighbors. Alamo is our home, and we’re passionate about making our community a better place for everyone to live, learn and thrive.

To that end, we’ve created successful fundraisers (our Author’s Faire had 250 attendees last year), where we have raised funds for scholarships and we have regularly volunteered our services where help is needed. We also make sure to have lots of fun while we’re doing it.  Just ask us, we’ll fill you in on the details! Connect with us: phone 925-575-7706.


The Alamo Women’s Club began in 1916 as a small but dynamic group of women, meeting under the name of The Mother’s Club of Alamo Grammar School. The Library Room was one of the first accomplishments of our fledgling club. Shortly after that, we joined the national General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1921, and aligned our efforts toward women’s education, women’s suffrage, improved working conditions and health care reforms.
During World War II, our members served watch in a watchtower located on the Alamo School grounds, rolled bandages, supported military families and worked in a canteen for returning soldiers.

By the early 1950’s we had found a permanent home; The Alamo Women’s Club building and grounds are the legacy of an inspired and generous member, Ruth Henry and her husband, Dr. Corwin Henry. With that as our headquarters, we could expand our vision to include nursing scholarships, educational and cultural programs, fundraising events and community celebrations throughout the year.


Our community involvement continues to grow, including an increasing number of scholarships and financial support for a diverse range of community projects. In the last five years alone we supported our philanthropic organizations with $108,000 in funding, and scholarships for 50 students. We donated hundreds of hours volunteering and hosted popular programs and events throughout the year.


The sky’s the limit! We’re always ready to support those who need our help, and to create new opportunities for the betterment of our community. But all of our successes depend on women just like you, who bring new ideas, energy and of course, a commitment to shaping the future.

We are now the oldest service club in Alamo, our doors are open to all interested women in the greater Bay Area.

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