Philanthropy - Scholarship

Philanthropy - Scholarship Application Process for 2019

The Scholarship Committe will be visiting schools in January. They will be bringing application packages and discussing how to apply for the Alamo Women's Club Scholarship.  For further information and questions, please contact Judy Tura, Scholarship Chair at


Attached please find the following forms:

  • Mission Statement
  • Award Overview
  • Application
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Photo Release

Scholarship Application

Please see the Scholarship Application attached.

Scholarship Award overview

Please see the overview attached.

Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Please see the attached Scholarship Letter of Recommendation.

Scholarship Photo Release

Please see the attached Scholarshi Photo Release form.

Scholarship Program

The Alamo Women's Club Scholarship Program was established over 20 years ago and is made possible through annual fundraising efforts by club members and community donations.  The program's focus is to award needs-based scholarships to local public high school graduating seniors, Diablo Valley Community College single parents and Youth Homes emancipated foster students.