Our philanthropic activities and scholarship opportunities are as diverse as our membership and the community that we live in. We are proud to have donated over $100,000 in the last 5 years to a wide array of local causes, including  $47,000 donated to local students for scholarships. 

Of course, not all support can be measured in monetary increments. Every member is also encouraged to actively support one or more of these organizations with their time and skills. One woman may help with the graduation activities for Canine Companions For Independence, another may enjoy offering her time teaching classes to emancipated foster youth, and yet others have chosen to help cheer and support kids in hospice. Many of our philanthropies offer special tours just for us, so that we gain an “up close and personal” understanding of our volunteer opportunities. And in the process, we also get to witness the results that our members have already accomplished.

What areas interest you?


Our efforts are extensive: from support and resources for foster care kids and children with special needs, to families who are struggling economically in our community.


Core to our mission is the need to alleviate suffering, in all its forms. In the area of healthcare, we’ve found that beyond the physical pain, it’s the suffering that comes of feeling confused, frightened and alone while in treatment that offers the most opportunity for support.


Every age has its challenges. We work to help those in our community that most need assistance – from the smallest of kids getting their first Canine Companion to help them live an independent life, to seniors who are facing serious illness and who have seen so many dreams shattered.


Our annual awards include two scholarships each to the San Ramon Valley and Monte Vista high schools, with an additional monetary award for the continuation of education given to a Diablo Valley College student and two Youth Homes students.
The selection criteria for high school students requires that students be academically strong, but not necessarily the top academic students in the school. We especially want to recognize and support those students who have excelled in the Arts.



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