From the President's Desk


Dear Valued Members,

A year ago newly elected Board of Directors were poised to take on their new positions. A year later they should all be thanked by the membership for putting their hearts, souls, time and intelligence to all matters AWC. Thousands of hours were logged as they shouldered the task of diligence. Of the 16, about a third were new to their positions.

Vicki Koc and Jone Sapiro as Co-VPs have undertaken a new level of interesting luncheon speakers which have brought in many women understanding Alamo Women’s Club and its mission of service.  Jone and Vicki are responsible for setting new speaker luncheon attendance records – all due from their dynamic choices – even when the Sept. speaker cancelled the “morning” of the luncheon! They stepped up, found replacements, and everyone enjoyed the two “pop-up” speakers. They have been steadfast and personal all year long in facilitating programs and activities of the Club.

Kathy Berger came in to the Ways & Means Chair from a vacant position the year before. Kathy made sure our fundraising efforts got back on track so we can continue the long-standing tradition of fundraising for our philanthropies and scholarship. Kathy’s warm and pleasant demeanor was a perfect fit in this role.

Marilyn Bailey and Sandi McKae are our Membership Co-Chairs who took on this very significant role with double-the-gusto! They implemented fun new ideas (Member Spotlight and Good News) so we could all learn more about our fellow-members. They worked to create a warm sociable atmosphere for us all.

 Nina Rowe always operates from her heart.  Her diligence in representing philanthropies that are underserved in our community should be admired by all the membership. In addition, she has undertaken the huge task of tracking Board hours, philanthropy hours and philanthropic accomplishments throughout the year all in an effort to complete the required District reports.

 Gayle Walkeris one who is timely, thorough and pays attention:  all needed by a Recording Secretary to keep the minutes and recording of actions in place.  She embraced the idea – and didn’t miss a week! - of Monday Eblasts making sure everyone received the latest and greatest news!

Kay Sanchez, Treasurer, is in her sixth year of dedication and leadership in this role.  During her tenure, Kay has updated the processes of Treasurer – which are daunting – and the byproduct is moving the financial tasks of the Club into the 21st Century by getting much computerized and streamlined.

Sandy Donatoni. In her third year serving as Financial Secretary, Sandy deposited every penny of income received by AWC – from your pennies for Penny Pines, to dollars for Good News, to all the luncheon and rental monies, Sandy made many, many visits to Wells Fargo Bank on our behalf and she had to keep track of all the different ‘pots’.

Caroline Bonny serving as a House Director has stepped up to ensure the smooth running of the business of the Club. She will return next year for a third year to lead an all-new House Directors Committee.

Kris Deaton Do you ever wonder who makes sure all the supplies (like coffee, sugar, cream, etc) are well stocked? That would be Kris ensuring we never ran out of anything while serving as House Director – Supplies. Kris leaves the House Directors this year having completed her two-year commitment.

Lynn Eager. Tenacity is a good word to describe Lynn! Being a House Director in her first year has meant she needed to get up to speed quickly and in doing so, she’s grasped the House Director – Maintenance position with vigor and follow-through. There have been challenges with getting some endeavors accomplished, but Lynn’s willingness to stick to it is still making things happen!

Joanne Zeltmann, our Parliamentarian, came to the Board with enthusiasm and at meetings, expressed thoughtful ideas with a ready smile! Joanne’s support was always helpful.

For me during these last two years serving as your President, it has been wonderful getting to know many of you better (wish I’d met MORE of you!) and trying to lead with honesty, integrity and hopefully a bit of humor! This year concludes my seven years serving on the Executive Board as Membership Chair (2 yrs), Financial Secretary (2 yrs), and President (3 yrs). It’s been a pleasure.

Please plan to join us at the May Business Meeting when we’ll honor this year’s Board for all its generous gifts that continued to elevate all that is AWC. At this meeting, instead of in June, we will also install the 2018-19 Board – we are lucky Club to have many of these powerful, diligent and responsible women return to work on behalf of the AWC membership either in the same position or in new positions.

Let us remember too that there are MANY other members who’ve also given their hearts and generous amounts of time to enhance our Club – I wish each of you could be named! Please know all of you are deeply appreciated, too!

In friendship,

Nancy Dommes

President 2016-18