From the President's Desk


Hello, Fellow Members!

It is hard to believe that with all the warm weather we have had, that the holiday season is right around the corner. With that in mind let's continue to keep the fire victims in our thoughts as we move forward into the holidays.

We were happy to see so many new members at the recent Merry Mentors gathering. Thank you Gayle Walker for hosting in your lovely home! It was a delight getting to know our new members a little better, and to hear their desires to support the Club and philanthropies.

Kudos to our Vice Presidents; Christine Wente’s talk on the history of Wente Wineries and the wine making process was very interesting and informative at our October luncheon.

We hope many of you will be joining the decorating committee on November 29th to help decorate the club for the hoildays. We are looking forward to the Holiday Tea on November 30 at Shadelands Ranch which will kick off the holiday celebrations.

Remember to check the website calendar for upcoming events/activities, timing, and how to sign up to participate.

Happiest of Thanksgiving wishes to you all,

Switching gears…..when our annual membership dues are paid it makes us part of the National/ International organization through the “General Federation of Women’s Clubs”. And with that comes benefits! Please take a minute to click on this link to see how you can buy pet insurance, rental car discounts, hotel/vacation offers, hearing aid and much more. Also remember, if you need personally need copying assistance – use YOUR Federation discount! It can save you a lot!

Here’s the link:

Please continue to keep firestorm victims in your thoughts and prayers.  We are thankful for the generous outpourings from our members and we’re so proud to lead such a dynamic group!

Happy Halloween!

Darcy & Nancy